Vic Books, situated on the Kelburn and Pipitea campuses of Victoria University of Wellington, prides itself on being one of the few independent book stores in New Zealand. Our primary focus and our strength is supplying – new and backlist books, New Zealand books, books for brains, and anything hard to find. We also offer a range of stationery, snacks and sweets, and boutique gift ware. We also sell parking coupons, snapper cards, and offer dry cleaning services.

In addition to a full range of New Zealand titles (from poetry to politics) we also have a wonderful range of fiction (sci fi, literary fiction, crime and fantasy – it’s all here) along with a great range of non-fiction (science, politics and economics, philosophy, religion – we’re covering all of the bases). Not to mention loads of easy reads and fun books for when your brain needs a rest.

We are 100% Student Owned.

Vic Books (Victoria University Book Centre Ltd) is a charitable company owned by the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Trust (VUWSAT). The Trust is a non-profit organisation set up to meet student needs by managing student assets. The Trust consists of voluntary members, most of whom are Victoria Alumni, the President and Treasurer of VUWSA and the Tumuaki of Ngai Tauira.

Major Trust projects include funding and building the extension to the Student Union Building in 1991 and in 2006 the Trust funded the fit out of the gymnasium at the Pipitea Campus. In addition the Trust is involved in a series of smaller projects, for example administering the Student Trust Scholarships (both academic and those which contribute to student activities) and services such as fitting out houses for disabled student access and supporting Student Job Search. A list of all grants by the Trust is available on the Trust’s website.

The financial contributions Vic Books makes to the Trust are helping to fund these projects. What this really means is that every textbook, bic pen and penguin classic you buy is helping to improve the quality of campus life here at Victoria University.

Student ownership means that we see Vic Books as both a business and a student service and that we endeavour to support students through fair pricing and support of student activities.




6 thoughts on “About

  1. Joanna says:

    Hi Vic Books, it’s lovely that you’ve started a blog, but I wanna know who’s writing each entry! Surely it’s not the physical shop itself, right? Is it just one author or is it many?


    1. vicbooks says:

      The physical shop itself is a good guess! We’ve had some computer and bio-chemistry graduates locked up in our back room for a while now, with a couple of guest spirituality graduates every so often, all working on animating the soul of the shop and giving its bricks and mortar a voice.
      That or there’s just one proto-voice plugging away at a keyboard while our social media evolves further electronic vocal chords (which is happening – soon will come a day when more voices will join the vicbooks online chorus).


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