Christmas Bestsellers / Book Gift Guide

As Christmas steps ever closer, here at Vic Books, we’re busy trying to help customers find the right book for the right person.

This year, we’ve even arranged a Christmas Catalogue to try to provide more guidance and support during this somewhat overwhelming time of year when so many new releases appear on the shelves and it can feel like wading through a world unknown books.

We trust our customers; we trust their reading and we trust their instincts. It’s because of this that we’re turning to our sales for this last minute guide to Christmas Bestsellers. You can’t, it seems, go wrong with any one of the bellow books. And don’t forget the might exchange card if you’re feeling a little nervous about your selection.

So here is a guide to what other people have bought, this Christmas. We’re starting with Fiction, and we’ll share the Non-Fiction list in a couple of days.


  1. Hera Lindsay Bird Hera Lindsay Bird $25.00
  2. Sympathizer Viet Thanh Nguyen $27.99
  3. Mansfield and Me Sarah Laing $35.00
  4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children  Ransom  Riggs $24.00
  5. My Name is Lucy Barton Elizabeth Strout $26.00
  6. The Vegetarian Han Kang $22.99
  7. Swing Time Zadie Smith $37.00
  8. The Chimes Anna Smaill $29.99
  9. Selected Poems Jenny Bornholdt $40.00
  10. Tail of the Taniwha Courtney Sina Meredith $29.99

And the most popular book this Christmas, surprisingly (read: not that surprisingly) has been the Man Booker winning title: The Sellout by Paul Beatty.


The Sellout Paul Beatty $27.99

Charlotte Graham, of the Spinoff Review of Books, wrote an excellent review of this book, bound up with the U.S. Election. It goes to show that our reading is forever formed by and bound to the context in which it was consumed. Read the review, and then purchase it here.

All the best for your Christmas shopping, and make sure you support you indie bookshops, and buy local where best you can.



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