Looking Forward: LitCrawl 2016

We’re a only a few days out from LitCrawl, and we’ve got boxes of stock arriving, run plans being built, and eftpos machines are getting charged.


We’re excited about the weekend. You might have heard about LitCrawl, but you might not quite know what it is. It’s an annual event that hits the streets of Wellington, the same weekend every year. Organised by the awesome duo behind the production company Pirate & Queen, Andrew and Claire first started it in 2014. In it’s third year, and LitCrawl is going from strength to strength.

The painful beauty of the whole event is the structure: There are three parts, part one 6–6:45pm, part two 7:15–8pm, part three 8:30–9:15pm. There are six different events during each part. So there are a total of 18 events. And you choose three. One from each part. (Assuming of course you can’t be more than one place at a time, barring the use of a Time Turner).


The night takes place at several locations across Wellington – your favourite bars, or bookshops and places in between, open their doors to the literary world for this night.

The line-up of events is always designed to capture your imagination and attention. Last year there was even a hike involved. But how do you whittle down the 18 options to a mere and heart breaking three? The Pantograph Punch gave it a punt, and their list is a really useful one.

So we thought we should do the same, considering we have had to narrow down the list, as the bookseller for this event, we’ve only got so many people who can be anywhere at any one time. So here is the list of events we’ll be going to – and it is in no way exhaustive. You really should go to the website and check out the programme to see whats on offer, and make sure you don’t miss out on any magic.

BWB Texts Live 
6pm, Bats Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace

The BWB Text series has become a bookshop cornerstone with their big ideas in little books, the affordable paperbacks tackle some of the biggest and most pressing subjects. This session brings together, for the first time, four BWB authors for a special kind of quiz – each author has the same questions, and their own answers. The four authors are: Hannah August, Dr Mike Joy, Stephanie Johnson, and Max Rashbrooke,

My Wildest Dreams 
6pm, Embassy Theatre, 10 Kent Terrace

Five writers come together to reveal their wildest dreams. Things will get a bit fantastical and a bit magical as the writers unpack their dreams. The session promises spot prizes as well as encouraging dressing to the dreamy theme.

Poetry = Medicine

7:15, Wellington Apothecary, 110A Cuba Street

Science meets literature in this apothecary set session. Join John Dennison, Chris Price, Sue Wootton, Rae Varcoe, and Paul Stanley – Ward to get your doctor prescribed dose of poetry medicine.

Crip the Lit

7:15, CQ Hotels, 223 Cuba Street

In this session four disabled writers read from their published work and in doing so, challenge the understanding of what it means to be human. They’re promising to talk about misery memoirs and inspiration porn. This is not one to miss.

Sweet Mammalian Launch

8:30, Enjoy Gallery, Level 1, 147 Cuba Street

Sweet Mammalian is a literary journal, edited by Hannah Mettner, Magnolia Wilson and Morgan Bach, and provides a space for all kinds of writing. Their fourth issue is launching, so come and Enjoy it.

4th Floor Journal Launch

8:30, Matchbox, 166 Cuba Street

The tagline “The offline launch of an online Journal” tells it all. 4th Floor is focused on showcasing talent from the Whitireia Creative Writing Programme – with a thematic connection this year each piece looks at ‘Lost and found’.

The LitCrawl Lounge

We’re having a lil pop-up shop at 17 Tory street as part of the LitCrawl Lounge. On Saturday it’s open 12-9, and then on Sunday 1-6pm. We’ll be having a special edition Storytime and Bookclub, so bring a kid, and come along! Or even just come and enjoy some Supreme filter coffee, and a slice of Dough Mama pie, and take a look at the books by the authors you’ll be crawling after that night.

And then, of course. There’s the after party! It’ll be upstairs in the Paramount theatre (25 Courtenay Place) from 9:30pm.

$5 Standard / $10 Supporter / $15 Patron

There will be door sales on the night – Subject to availability.

Top Tips: Wear good shoes, look out for the Volunteers in funky tee-shirts, bring cash, have a programme handy, and get ready to get crawling.



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