Afterwords: NZ Bookshop Day

We started the morning by blowing up NZ Bookshop Day balloons, and we felt excited. Not because we were low on oxygen, but because NZ Bookshop Day is like your bookshop’s birthday. We were excited about the customers who would visit, and the treasures they would find. We were also excited about the donuts.


We had a wonderful NZ Bookshop Day – it was exactly what we hoped it would be. A day for our bookshop friends to come and enjoy the atmosphere, to look at books, and to hear about them or talk about them in a different and engaging way.

The morning’s Storytime was a great success, as it always is. To celebrate the day thought kids walked away with either a Miffy book or Thomas the Tank Engine book.

Then, the donuts arrived, and so did Sarah Laing. And our event Mansfield and Me (& You) kicked off! People settled in with a filter coffee and donut, to hear about how Sarah Laing created her book. She was captivating and energetic, and she gave the audience insight into the work and skill and discipline that went into her latest book Mansfield and Me.

Once the donuts had been eaten, and the coffee drunk, the crowds dissipated a bit, a a few people got speciality drawings from Sarah Laing in their copy of Mansfield and Me.

Meanwhile, we had a few kids turn up for the Book Club featuring Kate De Goldi. Kate De Goldi had edited Gecko Press’ recently released Annual It was a great chance for Baz and Kate to talk to the kids about writing and reading – and Baz is keen to keep this Book Club going. So if you know any kids aged 9-13 yr old, they’re welcome to join him every Saturday at 2 pm to discuss creative writing, to learn and improve their writing skill, and to talk about books they love and why they love them.





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