What does NZ Bookshop Day mean to you?

On the eve of NZ Bookshop day, with friends asking ‘So what is Bookshop Day?’ I decided to quickly ask a few of our booksellers what the day means to them.

 – Juliet – 

NZ Bookshop day is a chance to stop and reflect on your bookshop and what it means for your customers. Because we do all these things every day and you don’t think about it. Then Bookshop day reminds you about all these things you do, that customers appreciate. It’s affirming that you play a role in peoples’ lives.


– Luke –

NZ Bookshop day gets people around – doing book things, talking about books, and looking at books. It’s basically that thing about community, but I don’t wanna say community – I feel that that’s over used. It’s a day where we meet the customers, meet the authors, the authors and customers meet each other, and we just have a nice book day.

– Baz –

Its a good chance for us to thank our customers and for our customers to thank us, it gives people an opportunity to recognise the bond they may have with the place they buy their books from. Which is a slightly weird thing to say, but I think with the Bookseller competition, where people are writing what they love about their bookshop, they’re realising more about what it is that bookshops mean, more than in just a retail sense.


– Marion –

Its a celebration of all the bookshops, nationwide in Aotearoa. Celebrating what they do all year round, but this is a particular day. It’s a sharing thing really, the public get to share in it with us, and we get to highlight certain things that we’ve been doing, and also it bonds all the other bookshops together as well – we’re all celebrating the same thing.

So, What even is NZ Bookshop Day? It’s just an excuse for us all to have a bit of fun. It’s like birthdays – you’re as great everyday, but the day dedicated to you is just an excuse to remember that you’re great.

So visit us, or visit the other amazing bookshops across Wellington or New Zealand, and join in on the day of remembering how great bookshops are.



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