Looking Forward: National Poetry Day


We’re excited to a part of National Poetry Day once again this year.

On the 26th of August a whole host of events will take place across the country, all in the name of poetry. Check out the calendar here to find an event near you.

Want to get involved, but can’t make an event? Download Poems in Your Pocket printable here!

Want to hang around with us? You’re more than welcome! Join our event on facebook, come a long for a side of poetry with your coffee and scone.

Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day 2016 is on Friday 26 August. This year, the 19th annual celebration of poetry and poets, is the biggest yet, with almost 100 events taking place across the country. Of the many events in Wellington, Seraph Press & Friends at Vic Books is probably the earliest. They chose a morning teatime slot so people can sit back with their coffee from Vic Books Cafe, perhaps one of their famous doughnuts (if they’re quick enough to get one before they sell out), and start the day with poetry.


Poetry Day Poster Aug 16

We hope to see you all there!!


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