Review: Zero K by Don Delillo

Zero K – Don Delillo 



As the book went on it became more enjoyable, but it took awhile for it to grab me. Less of a grab more of a slow burn.

I wanted to see what this one was like because of Underworld, his most famous, which is an american classic – he’s the guy. I wouldn’t compare the two books – they’re different beasts. But Underworld was definitely more enjoyable than his latest.

This book felt like it was all ideas and nothing else, very little character development. This may have been the point but it didn’t hit the spot for me.

The son is the protagonist, but acts largely as a lens for his father. It is set in a middle-of-nowhere desert compound where people are being preserved either at the point of death, or not.

Not to give too much away: the main character deals with his father wanting to be preserved with his new wife (second wife) who is dying. She’s going to get preserved so she can be cured, his dad, who is rich, wants to go with her because he’s in love. And then the fear of dying starts to play out, and he doubts his choice.

It’s a book about love and dying and how these two things play out.

It wasn’t quite sci-fi but there were elements of the distant future to it with the whole freezing people thing. The compound was clean and precise and alien.

Review by Luke Finnigan


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