Afterwords: New York Pocket Book

On the back of Paula Green’s New York Pocket Book sits the quote “You need the right person beside the right tree in the right light in the right city and this is love”.

This same equation went in to her launch – the right poets, in the right hall, with the right light, in Wellington. This is a Launch.

Luke went along as the bookseller, and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

This was technically her second launch, and not a launch as you would know it. Paula didn’t really read anything of her own, rather she had other poets reading. Paula had lovely things to say about the other poets who read.  With her knowledge of NZ poetry, (she runs NZ Poetry Shelf) she seemed pleased with the selections each poet had made. They all read a poem of their own and a poem of someone else’s. All the poems that were read, like those in her book, were about places and cities. It was like a launch party, and Paula had invited friends to perform.

The thistle hall was a great venue, the Wellington sun was streaming in all afternoon.

Her book is incredibly cute and stylish, written from her time in New York, and includes illustrations by her daughter of places they saw.




Photos and notes by Luke Finnigan



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