The Road to Pipitea

Pipitea is basically finished. Last week, before the finishing touches were put on, wearing hardhats and high-vis vests, a select few of us were able to wander around the construction site that will soon be the Vic Books Pipitea, and take in the space. While the place was full of wire fences and planks of wood lying all over the show, you could still get a good feel for the bones of the place.


From this angle, you can see the cafe side, the photo is taken from where the customers will enter and line up. There is a  floor to ceiling glass window making the space feel spacious and flooded with natural light. Along the windows there will be seating, with planter boxes too.

The store is positioned right on the threshold of the Hub in Pipitea. Throughout the store accents of natural light echo the same feature of the Pipitea campus as a whole. For both the wider campus and Vic Books, it means that it brings the outside inside. The echoing of the natural light integrates Pipitea Vic Books as a natural addition to the Hub space.


There are spotlights along the ceiling, letting rings of light fill the space. Through the use of lights, and the shapes of the space, there’s a natural flow between the cafe to the bookshop, an unimpeded flow. You could move from one space to the other naturally and organically. It felt like it would be a really pleasant environment to be in.


So it’s official – our New Pipitea Vic Books will be open in no-time.




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