Pipitea 2.0

At the end of trimester 2, as your exams finished, and you closed your textbooks on your courses, we closed our doors on our Pipitea store.

For the last 12 months, the campus has been in varying stages of construction, and our shop has spent a long while with scaffolding wrapped around it, and the sounds of drilling and hammering creating the backing track to the bookshop life. We set up a temporary Kiosk to deliver the campus with same quality coffee that we do Kelburn, and deconstructed this at the end of the trimester as well. All in anticipation of the new store that was around the corner.

It’s a funny thing to work towards a new store. For so long things are concept and abstract. For so long they exist merely as ideas, and then drawings.

But now as the opening of the store creeps closer, there are structures and surfaces being built, there are windows and walls; there are even steps. It’s starting to take shape, and our anticipation is only growing.

We’re lucky to have the amazing team of Proffer working on our site – their direction and design concepts work perfectly with our vision of what the Pipitea Vic Books ought to be.


We’ve been able to visit the site now, to see the progress that’s happening behind the LT McGuinness barriers. Hard Hats and all.


Watch this space as we share more photos and stories of the journey from concepts to construction.


George from Proffer, Callum from Vic Books, and Jesse from Peoples Coffee.

Watch this space..






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