Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

With the passing of the year comes a moment for reflection, and in the same breath a look forward to the year ahead.

2015 has been an action packed year. Not only are book sales up, a testament to the growth in the book trade, but we’ve seen a baby join the bookshop, staff members arrive, and staff members leave. We’ve seen the closing of our Pipitea shop, the start and end of our Karori Cafe, and the success of the Capital Christmas Window competition. We have seen myriad launches; some in shop and some out, and one LitCrawl. There have been kilograms upon kilograms of coffee consumed, by customers and staff alike, sandwiches made and eaten. Books have been great this year; we’ve found new authors we love, re-discovered old ones, and lost ourselves in worlds that authors create.

Here are a few of the best moments of the year – thanks to all who came along to events, who showed support, and who helped to make the year such a memorable one.

2016 promises to be even better, with a great line-up of new releases on the cards, and some very exciting events planned, it’s going to deliver greatness. Did we mention that we’re also opening a brand new shop in Pipitea? It’ll be like the old bookshop, but it’ll be down the road a bit. And it’ll also house our new Pipitea cafe, bringing the same atmosphere of Kelburn, to Pipitea.

Did we mention that we’re also selling the heavenly doughnuts of Little Dough Co. every Friday and Saturday? They’ll be back on the 15th of January – a date you don’t want to forget. 12467761_10208998220019625_2008006133_n


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