LitCrawl 2015

Well, it’s all over now. After a successful weekend that saw a literary injection straight to the heart of the city, it is all over. It was their second run, and it just keeps improving. But the good news is that LitCrawl have already booked in for 2016. So put it in your diaries: Friday the 11th, Saturday the 12th, and Sunday the 13th of November.

We were honoured to be the designated booksellers for the event, as well as a contributing sponsor. It’s an event that is important, but has very little capital. So it was great to be able to do our bit for what is becoming an annual Wellington literary staple.

Between four of us, we managed to get to a wide range of events, and we were able to soak up the poetry and plays and thoughtful talks that were being poured all over the city.Along with the crowds, we roamed, ranged, and rushed all over town to the events. From The Young gallery on Hawker St, to the City Art Gallery, Hashigo Zake, Meow, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Six Barrel Soda CO., 17 Tory Street, and the Paramount theatre – we were everywhere, and so was everyone else.

Several events were full to the brim, and people were finding spaces where there wasn’t any. Volunteers collected the koha donation, and the speakers commanded the audience. And we were busy creating and dismantling mini bookshops to represent the writers and performers at each venue. There was also a LitCrawl Zine by Foodcourt, which we took with us to every event.



After the final events finished, everyone found their way back to the Paramount, for the after party. It was an opportunity to trade stories about your night, and to hear about events you couldn’t attend.

It was a heady night; the magic of the event was the oxygen in the room, and everyone was completely lit up. We had a stall there stacked high with everyone’s books. With a wine or beer in hand, those who had been audience became customers and friends; they approached excited to find a book by an author they had just discovered, or one they had been wanting to read. As the drinks kept flowing, so too did the book sales, and the clock hit 1 am.

Luke was a trooper and at it again on Sunday afternoon for the Tell You What Launch, which saw a quiet beer in the afternoon nursing everyone’s hangovers, as they listened to writers read.

This event is really special, and we are so grateful for all the work that Claire and Andy put into it. There aren’t many people out there with the same drive, passion, and dedication that this dream duo have. These two are invaluable to the landscape of the Wellington literary scene.

Thank you, Claire and Andy.

Nga Mihi Nui

Na Vic Books


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