Looking Forward: LitCrawl 2015


When LitCrawl arrived on the scene last year, it was the first of its kind in Wellington. This, unfortunately, made it a little hard to explain. Vic Books was (and is still) one of the sponsors and the booksellers. We told people that it was “like a pub crawl, but with books and authors”. To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect, but we knew it would be memorable. It turned out we weren’t too far wrong. People picked and followed their path for the night, they heard from authors, visited different bars and venues, and by the end of the night, people were overflowing with bookish enthusiasm. It was infectious.

Coming into its second run, the organisers, Claire Mabey and Andrew Laking have been working hard to smooth things out and to build on the buzz that last years event generated. The line-up is full of excellent writers and authors and publishers; it’s going to be as good, if not better, than last year.

So put it in your diary: 14th November 6:00 pm

There are three 45 minute time slots. Each time slot has 5 different events on offer. So that’s 15 to choose from, but only 3 you can attend (comfortably, that is, and in their entirety).

But don’t let that deter you; you’ll meet people along the way, and you’ll be able to swap stories and make it seem like you got to them all. There is also an after party; Vic Books will be selling books, Food Court has put together a special LitCrawl zine, and they’ve even made bold promises to play talking heads. What could be better? The after party is in the Paramount theatre foyer, from 9:30.

But how do you decide which ones? Here’s a few that we would recommend:

∇ Fever 6pm Wellington Chocolate Factory, 5 Eva St

Hallucinations, fire in the blood, hot, heady Saturday Night. Come and enter an altered state with writers from the International Institute of Modern Letters: readings and performances will cast a fever dream and raise temperatures.

With dramatists Briar Grace-Smith and Ken Duncum, novelists Emily Perkins and Gigi Fenster, and poets Ashleigh Young and James Brown. It’s going to be sick.

∇ What We Write about When We Write from Prison 7.15pm Hashigo Zake, 25 Taranaki Street

Arts practitioners who believe creative writing can be a powerful element in change share work by prisoners from Aotearoa and around the world.

Join writers William Brandt and Pip Adam from Form of Expression, novelist Gigi Fenster, theatre makers Kaly Newman and Julia Campbell from Wellington Expressive Arts Collective, which uses a variety of Arts-based activities to encourage personal growth and development, Auckland writer James George and Arts in Corrections Adviser from Arts Access Jacqui Moyes. Hosted by Form of Expression.

∇ LitCrawl Pub Quiz 8.30pm Little Beer Quarter, 6 Edward St

A bit like a pub quiz but with added drink, nibbles and origami, Toby Manhire and Phil Pinner bring their Point-Chevalier-famous inquisition to Wellington, presenting a specially modified LitCrawl version. Gather a team of two to six quizzers and arrive early.

“Best pub quiz in Auckland.” – someone on Twitter

Hosted by Toby Manhire and Phil Pinner, with special guest Emily Perkins.

LitCrawl 2014


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