Introducing: Baz Macdonald

Name: Baz Macdonald         

Role at Vic Books: Bookseller and Storyteller

The book you are reading right now: Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins, which did not, I’m afraid, live up to the hype.

Favourite book of 2015: Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

 Favourite quote of the moment: “You’re tearing me apart Lisa!!!” From the cinematic classic The Room, by the pre-eminent Tommy Wiseau.  

 How long have you worked at Vic Books?: 9 months.

What made you want to work in a bookshop?: I enjoy sharing my passions with people, and I am passionate about books. An easy fit.

Tell us about your first day at Vic Books: I showed up for my interview and was asked if I wanted to jump right into the job. I spent the morning on the counters feeling right at home, chatting books and slurping coffee.

What is it about bookshops that you enjoy the most?: As an employee, I love the opportunity it offers to discover new books. Especially discovering books outside of what you would typically explore. As a consumer, I love to talk to booksellers about these discoveries they have made as employees. It’s a big beautiful cycle.

What are the best parts of working for Vic Books?: I adore Saturday morning storytelling. It’s such a pleasure to have families put aside a morning to enjoy books together.

Favourite moment at Vic Books of 2015: The first Saturday morning storytelling was a big stand out. We had a really enthusiastic bunch of kids come and kick off the event just right.


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