Introducing: Luke Finnigan

Name: Luke Finnigan

Role at Vic Books:Senior Bookseller and Events Coordinator.

The book you are reading right now: Underworld by Don Delillo 

Favourite book of 2015: The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas

Favourite quote of the moment: Pete Evans: “7am: Two glasses of alkalised water with apple cider vinegar, then a smoothie of blended alkalised water, organic spirulina, activated almonds, maca, blueberries,  stevia, coconut kefir, and two organic, free range eggs.”

How long have you worked at Vic Books? 4.5 years

What made you want to work in a bookshop? I was unemployed. Reading a lot. Everything came together better than expected in the end.

Tell us about your first day at Vic Books. Boss explained to me how I was “peaking too soon”. It was a great day.

What is it about bookshops that you enjoy the most? Its where the books live. Everyone loves books. 

What are the best parts of working for Vic Books? It’s like being a student but without all the loans, assignments, essays, poverty, etc

Favourite moment at Vic Books of 2015: “Meeting” Pete Evans and learning his “Paleo Way”. He is very charismatic.


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