Allow us to introduce ourselves


Did you miss us? We’re back. We never really left, but things got too busy, and things changed. But we’re here now, and that’s what matters – right?

This year has seen a lot of change. Some of us had babies, and some of us went overseas. Some of us changed hair colour, and some of us bought new shoes. Some of us have left for greener pastures, and others are still here. We’ve had one hell of a busy year, and we wanted to reintroduce ourselves to you all.

This week we’re building up to NZ Bookshop day, which we will be celebrating this coming weekend on Saturday 31st of October. It’s a wonderful occasion to really appreciate what makes bookshops such a special place. We’ve badgered our staff in to sharing their stories about bookshops with us, so that we can in turn, share them with you.

We hope you enjoy them, and take some time to think about what you love about your local bookshops.


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