Reading Outdoors

Reading is often considered an indoor activity — something children do on rainy days, when they can’t run about outside. However, many of my favourite times have involved reading outdoors and there are quite a few outdoor settings which reading can enhance (as long as I don’t forget my sunscreen!). In the winter I find myself particularly pining to visit these reading spots in the warmer days ahead:

The_Beach_2The Beach

Probably the most often utilised outdoor reading spot, the beach is an excellent area to enjoy sun and the crash of waves during a few leisurely chapters.



hammockA Hammock

My favourite things about reading in a hammock are its gentle swaying in the breeze and the easy transition from enjoying a good book to enjoying a short snooze.



When at university I often read with my back against a tree trunk in the quad. This afforded the opportunity to get some shade and people watch between pages, but it did necessitate keeping an eye out for the overly friendly squirrels students often fed between classes.




boatA Boat

Boating in my life has primarily involved opportunities for lake fishing, but when the fish aren’t biting, the bobbing of the boat and the dapple of sun on the waves provide a lovely environment to read in.



park benchA Park Bench

The great thing about reading on park benches is their ubiquity — depending on your neighbourhood you can choose a bench with as many or as few distractions as you like. My favourite benches in the city have enough sun and breeze to allow me to enjoy the feel of nature, but the perfect proximity to the café for when that mid-novel coffee craving creeps in.

Liz Gillett


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