Reading in Snippets

This week has been a particularly busy one, the kind of week where one struggles to find time to read. At the moment, I’m working my way through a comedy memoir that the author herself purports should only take two days to get through. So far, it’s taken me five or six. But even on days when I have no real time to read, I find ways to sneak a bit in. Here are my top five favourite methods:

wellington bus1. On the bus

Half the reason I don’t wear heels or carry too much with me in the morning is so I will have enough balance to dedicate one hand to holding a book open, even if I have to stand up.


2. Waiting for a take-away coffee

Even if I’m the only one in the cafe, the time it takes to make a long black is usually good for a few paragraphs. I suspect this habit has led to my being dubbed “woman who never realizes when her coffee is ready” by all baristas. I just hope it’s said with affection.

reading while walking belle

3. Walking between destinations

A bit of a risk at times, but its surprising how quickly you can learn to avoid running into people.

reading eating

4. While eating

This usually results in my getting food everywhere but, since I’m not trying to impress the book, it doesn’t worry me.

tea kettle

5. Waiting for the jug to boil

With the exception of coffee, tea is the best fuel for my productivity. Luckily, it also takes almost a page to make.

Liz Gillett


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