Some of the Best Media on Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker Win

my copy of the luminaries

Since Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker win was announced, there has been a deluge of media coverage. For those interested in learning more about the work and its author, sifting through it all can be a bit of a challenge. Below I’ve outlined a few of the most interesting pieces celebrating Catton’s achievement, as well as a few others that provide context on the Man Booker Prize itself.

luminariesThe Man Booker Prize: 12 Quite Interesting Facts

A nice overview with some surprising items.

luminariesBehind the scenes at the Booker prize

The Guardian: “From the very first award in 1969 up to last year’s prize, a judge from each year of the Booker gave us the inside story on how they reached their decision.”

luminariesA single book, and a new chapter begins for Catton

This post from provides context regarding how winning the Man Booker can change a book’s sales and, in turn, a writer’s life.

luminariesCatton’s Interview with The Financial Times

My favourite bit of this interview is when Catton discusses how helpful it can be for literary fiction writers to read Children’s books.

luminariesEleanor Catton interview: Money doesn’t transform you – only love can

This interview with The Telegraph provides greater depth regarding the astrology-influenced structure of The Luminaries

luminariesEleanor Catton: literary luminary

This piece from The New Zealand Listener is the most in-depth profile of Catton I’ve yet to come across.

luminariesEleanor Catton: The land of the long white cloud

A lovely Guardian piece in which Catton describes her childhood in New Zealand. It also looks at the inability of language to accurately capture the sublime.

luminariesThe Full Text of Catton’s Man Booker Prize Acceptance Speech

luminariesAnd, a Nice Video from the BBC


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