Author Focus — Neil Gaiman

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As someone who considers themselves a sci-fi/fantasy fan, it pains me to admit that I haven’t read all of Neil Gaiman’s novels, just most of them. Gaiman has become representative not just of his own work, not just of the genres he writes in, but, I would argue, of a certain ethos among sci-fi/fantasy/graphic novel enthusiasts and creative types in general.  His very success in writing adult novels, graphic novels, and children’s books puts him in a class of versatility many authors only dream of achieving. Also, he’s just, well, cool.

gaiman cool
Case in point.

With his newest novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane now available, today’s post will be dedicated to some favourite Gaiman-themed web items.


ocean end of lane radioBBC Radio 4’s “Book At Bedtime” Reads an Abridged Rendition of The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Get in quick, the first episode is only available for another 4 days!).

soundcloud avatarGaiman Reads his Short Story “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury”



sandman hostess ad
Sandman characters advertising a brand of American snack cakes
death as a my little pony
Sandman’s Death, were she a My Little Pony

On Gaiman’s Blog


The Power of the Dog.  Cabal (2003-2013)

(Note:  I read this post shortly after bringing home my own first dog.  Dog lovers will need a box of tissues for this one.)

Aslan_-_1967_serialMythcon 35 Guest of Honour Speech

pouring bees

Gaiman Pouring Live Bees in Slow Motion


Gaiman has written some lovely tributes to deceased writers including Ray BradburyMaurice Sendak, and most recently, Iain Banks . One of the most touching is his post for Diana Wynne Jones.



Medusa by CaravaggioNeil Gaiman’s Top 10 Mythical Characters

are you neil gaimanAre You Neil Gaiman? A Flowchart


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