The Great Gatsby — Ready to Get Reaquainted

gatsby party t-shirt

With Baz Luhrmann’s new take on The Great Gatsby soon to hit screens, the internet has exploded with all things Gatsby. Here’s a few of my favourites (Some Spoilers Included):

Boats Against the Current

Boats Against the Current: A Great Gatsby/Arrested Development Mash-up

gatsby arrested develpment mash-up

Bluths in the Jazz Age: Another Great Gatsby/Arrested Development Mash-Up

gatsby fan cover45 Wonderful Fan-Designed Covers for The Great Gatsby

Director Baz Luhrmann attends the 'The Great Gatsby' world premiere at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York

US National Public Radio interview with Baz Luhrmann

Growing up in the US, we all read Gatsby in high school, a task which certainly wasn’t a chore, but which I suspect meant missing out on finer points of the novel which I would hope to pick up on had I read it at a less tender age. While I have every confidence in teenagers’ abilities to read complex novels closely and intelligently, my faded memory of Gatsby, as compared with other novels I read at that age, suggests that, at least where Gatsby was concerned, I was not one of these teens.

With the New Zealand Listener Book Club (as well as Oprah’s Book Club, BBC World Book Club and cOlbert’s Book Club) reading Gatsby before the film’s release, I feel a strong compulsion to pick the book back up and discover what my fifteen-year-old self may have missed. Or perhaps, with Luhrmann’s film on the horizon, I’m simply looking to re-familiarize myself in order to take advantage of my favourite, oft-times true, book nerd stock phrase:

the book was better

Either way, Fitzgerald and I have a date with a cup of tea.

If, like me, you also feel caught up in the Gatsby whirlwind, you’re sure to enjoy the New Zealand Listener Book Club’s Gatsby Content as well as Young Adult author John Green’s excellent 2011 Gatsby Book Club video blog (see below for the episode covering Chapter One).  Happy Reading.

Liz Gillett


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