Trimester 1 Rush, 2013 — What to Know About Getting Your Textbooks from Vic Books

zombie textbooksVic Books’ “Rush” period covers the first two weeks of the new trimester.  In its most basic terms, Rush is 10,000 transactions over 10 days by students chasing more than 22,000 textbooks and student notes.  As you can imagine, things may get a bit frantic.  Here’s the basic information you need to make your Rush experience run smoothly.

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogFor Kelburn Courses:

Until March 15, all undergraduate textbooks and student notes can be found at our Pop-Up Shop located in the Memorial Theatre Foyer in the Student Union Building. All post-grad textbooks are at the Main Shop in its new location in the Easterfield Building. Web order pick-ups for Kelburn can also be found at the Main Shop and its the place to be if you want to bring in your old textbooks for buybacks (make sure to check that they are on our buyback list before you come).

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogFor Pipitea Courses:

All textbooks and student notes used in courses taught on the Pipitea campus, as well as all on-line orders where you have specified  “Pipitea pick-up,” can be found at our Pipitea Campus Shop, located on the ground floor of Rutherford House (23 Lambton Quay, across Bunny Street from the Old Government Building).

General Tips:

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogFor On-Line Orders:

On-line purchases are processed in the order they are received.  If you have requested to pick up your order from one of the shops, please wait until you are notified that your order is ready before coming in.

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogCheck your Course Codes and Book Lists:

The more you know the better. We have lists of textbooks for each course available but if you don’t know your Course Codes (the four letter subject abbreviation plus 3 digit number that designates each course for enrolment), we won’t know what books you need.

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogEftpos & Prices:

Please check your bank balance before you come in for your books. If your eftpos card is declined we won’t put the books on hold for you. It’s harsh, we know, but over the years it’s proven the best way to keep most students happy.

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogTiming:

Most students turn up to buy their books on the hour, just after one of their classes has finished.  As a consequence, the lines can be a bit shocking at these times.  If you’re able to hold off until 20-30 minutes after a class has finished before coming in for your books, you will find the process is much speedier and amazingly less crowded.

VicBooks-circle-blue for blogSecond-hand Books:

We buy Second-hand books at both the Main Store (Easterfield Building, Kelburn Campus) and at the Pipitea Shop (ground floor, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus) between 9.30am & 11.30am, and again between 2.30pm & 4.30pm. See our list here. We never do buybacks at the Pop-Up Shop, ever.

And don’t forget:

If you need a sugar high to make it through the first weeks back, there will be $1 lolly mixes just about everywhere.


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