Literary News and Bookish Potpourri — February 22, 2013

wear the old coat

Awards and Honours

living treasuresAuthor and poet Joy Cowley and theatre director Duncan Whiting have been named Marlborough Living Treasures.

storylines medal 2013Bill Nagelkerke has been awarded the 2013 Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal.

nebula awards

The nominees for this year’s Nebula Awards have been announced and free samples of each title are available to read.

Margaret Mahy

mahy stamps

NZ Post will honour the late Margaret Mahy with a collection of new stamps themed on the writer’s popular books for children and young adults.  The stamps will be released March 13, 2013. Click here to pre-order from NZ Post.

mahy translationsFifty years of diplomacy between Switzerland and New Zealand is being celebrated with the translation of Margaret Mahy’s The Three-Legged Cat into five new languages, Maori and the four official languages of Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansch.

The Gift of Reading

libraryDestroyed in a fire, the Beckenham School Library is re-stocking and you can help! New Zealand Post has generously established a Freepost address to enable schools and individuals to support the effort by donating books. Click Here for full details on how to send your donation free of cost.

Sylvia Plath, Fifty Years After Her Death

bell jar coverThe new cover on Faber’s 50th anniversary edition of The Bell Jar has inspired pointed online parody. (P.S. if this new cover bothers you, just have a look at the latest Anne of Green Gables).

sylvia plath greek mythologyWhat Sylvia Plath Loved

sylvia meeting tedThe Night She Met Ted

young sylviaWhat we didn’t know about Sylvia

daddy sylvia plathCould Plath’s poem “Daddy” really be about her mother?

colossusDiscussing Plath’s first poetry collection, The Colossus

Sylvia Plath’s Joyplath

Wonder of Book History

making booksVideo: A 1940s Guide to Book Printing


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