New Kelburn Campus Store Open

new digs header3

Vic Book’s Kelburn campus store has now opened its new location in the Easterfield Building, officially becoming part of the Campus Hub.  In the new location, our Kelburn store will provide all the books, coffee, gifts, memorabilia, food and services we’ve always enjoyed, with a lovely fresh atmosphere allowing students and staff a comfortable, engaging space in which to browse, meet, study and relax.  Accessible both from within the Hub and via Kelburn Parade, see below for a visual introduction to our new space:

The Books

Fiction and Poetry

Children's Section


table with card rack and penguin bags

Penguin Drop Caps Table

register in background


The Cafe

Cafe Crowd

Cafe Cabinet

cafe crowd 2

cafe tables and counters

Cafe and Table

The Kit and Caboodle

Cards and Wrap

Vic Apparelstationary 1






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One Response to New Kelburn Campus Store Open

  1. Christine says:

    Looks fabulous! All the best in your new home

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