Cafe Artistry Competition

The baristas at our Espresso Bar are putting the challenge to all you caffiends out there. Have a look at their milk work artistry and come up with four descriptions of the caffeine images (divine interpretations permissible) in the photos. The two best entries, as judged by the milk artistes themselves, will win 5 free coffees each. Post your answers in the comment section below before the end of next week (Friday the 16th of November).

For example:

1. Edward Scissorhands

2. Road Kill, Possibly Squirrel

3. Smiley Face in Wind Tunnel

4. Little Shop of Horrors


11 thoughts on “Cafe Artistry Competition

  1. Jai Nguyen says:

    1. my bf with dreadlocks (the milk part) running from a fire ball (coffee part)
    2. white face of a classical greek statue being caught up in the swirl of leaves (seen from the side)
    3. evil face with long big yellow nose (when looked on the side)
    3. dark rich blood surround lungs with dangling string of garlic hanging from sternum


  2. lastlittlebird says:

    1. The cramped claws of the velociraptor as she makes a shadow-dove fly up the wall.
    2. A ghostly swordsman leaps from the pages of the hastily flung book.
    3. Quarks rush joyously towards each other through the long, long corridors of the Hadron Collider (not shown to size or proportion).
    4. The majestic coffee squid producing a clutch of cream eggs (what, you thought they came from the Easter Bunny?)


  3. Green Dansgge says:

    1. An eel-esque creature swims to touch lips with a gangly white critter which is small headed and bestowed with an extra limb. They seem to be conjoined at their bottom extremities and floating in an amniotic sac which has already burst.
    2. The moon, it appears is unfortunately being siphoned through a tiny hole towards an unseen terminus.
    3. A faceless white silhouette of a man stands still but yellow streaks of makutu or mana (this is debated and not known) stream out from his neck and crudely outline his mouth. Larger sources of sortilege or power fly rapidly towards the man in thick and white globby streaks.
    4. This is the hidden destination of what had swallowed the moon earlier. The vacuumed contents enter in a similar minuscule funnel hole and pour out in an enveloping bloom above the viscid caffeinated lava below. The moon is no longer recognisable as it and other sucked up contents become nutrition to the thirteen or so egg-like white sacs attached to each other by a stem provided by their mother, who is probably resting sweetly nearby.


  4. Anna says:

    1. Seaweed-Salad in a Scream Mask.
    2. Fire-duck gives you the finger.
    3. Jumanji, aka Smiley gets sucked into a Volcano.
    4. Pacman becomes a dragon.


    1. vicbooks says:

      Hi Anna – you’re our other coffee winner, congratulations! They Barristas really liked your descriptions (I suspect no.2 out you over the top). I’ve emailed the details of your prize to you.


  5. Large latte with one and a half sugars says:

    1. Snow bath is a moose’s favourite.
    2. Sand art from the Jordanian dunes left on my car after the Khamsin storm.
    3. Sucking back in all the bad words I just let out.
    4. Something always matters.


  6. She says:

    1. The small bodied six-headed Caffienia, who wears a dress with infinitely long tail whilst wielding a mighty sabre (all against a backdrop of creamy froth)
    2. A genie precipitates…from bloody coffee.
    3. Wall paper pattern gains life in the secret world of blended beans…
    4. A shoot of a plant and its surrounding aromatic aura.


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