A David Foster Wallace Hyperlink Compendium

Since first hearing about D. T. Max’s new biography of David Foster Wallace, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story (Granta Books, HB $49.99), as well as detecting non-specific references to Wallace in Josh Radnor’s lit-rich film “Liberal Arts” at this year’s International Film Festival, I have finally bitten the long-shelved bullet and begun reading Wallace’s (deservedly) much-touted work.  As the days have passed and pages have turned, I’ve also come across scads of Wallace-related essays, interviews and general internet quirkery that have lent me an additional appreciation of the author as an individual, as a sort of literary cult figure, and, of course, as a writer.  For existing fans, and those who, like me, are just beginning to succumb to his strikingly footnoted charms, here are hyperlinks to my favourite newly-discovered D.F.W. items on the web.

A Taste of Wallace’s Short Fiction


All That

Wiggle Room

Good People


An Interval

Several Birds

A Few of the Best D.F.W.-related Items in The New Yorker

The Wonderfully Arrogant First Pitch Letter

Out Loud: D. T. Max on David Foster Wallace

D.F.W. Childhood Writings

D.F.W. in Recovery

David Foster Wallace Internet Geekery

The Infinite Atlas

The D.F.W. Endnote Generator

For the Truly Obsessive Fan

The Howling Fantods

Liz Gillett


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