vicbooks’ Facebook Thing. With Prizes. Many Prizes.

We’re merging our cafe and bookshop Facebook pages. It’s a streamlining thing; a commingling, a joining of forces, almost an absorption. We want our books to share the joy of the brew, the demitasse, some joe. Think of it as a syncretic caffeine and literary process which ends with customers quoting Faulkner while mainlining some ‘feind. It’s a little dream of ours…

And prizes. Look at the beautiful prizes:

See how they shine!

So, it’s like this. Next week, on Monday the 8th of October, we will press the self destruct button on the Espresso Bar’s Facebook page. Anyone who ‘likes’ the vicbooks’ Facebook page at that point is in the draw for prizes. We have over 20 books to give away, as well as screeds of coffee vouchers. Lots of books and lots of coffee.

As you were.


* Any winners will need to either pick their prizes up at any of our shops, or arrange with us for them to be posted to them.

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