vic and VUP – it’s a Facebook thing of prizes and free stuff.

vicbooks and Victoria University Press have teamed up to bring you six weeks of give-aways and prizes. We take alternate weeks to offer different prizes – and there is no limit to the number of times you can enter. Sure, It’s a shameless pyramid scheme that includes bribery, Facebook and The Dark Arts (one of those things is a fabrication), but it also has the added perk of showing off the excellent books VUP publish, and we sell. Not to mention the free stuff, which is also good.

Here’s what you do: Get your friends to Like vicbooks and VUP on Facebook, then they leave a comment on our wall saying you sent them, and you’ll go into the draw to win. (They can then send their friends and so on and so on, until we rule Facebook and give away every single book in the world).

This week it’s our turn to give away the goodies, so do the Like thing and you could win one of 5 spot prizes during the week – hint, there will be coffee, VUP books and other VUP books involved.

This week’s draw closes on Friday October 28th, at 5pm. The more friends you send the better your chances.

One thought on “vic and VUP – it’s a Facebook thing of prizes and free stuff.

  1. robynmmoore says:

    What’s not to love about VUPress:) and Vicbooks – supporting the best of kiwi writers and writing (and those not yet the best, but getting there)…and giving us Free stuff too…xx

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