Julian Barnes Wins the Booker!

There’s a sense of redemption about this win for Julian Barnes – firstly it somewhat redeems the Man Booker judges (they’ve been taking a fair amount of flak for their shortlist choices, all populist and common and things of that flavour) and, secondly, and far more importantly, it gives Julian Barnes the big Booker Prize tick. It was the fourth time Barnes had been shortlisted, plus, this year, he was the bookie’s favourite, so it all kind of added up to the Kiss of Death (the bookie’s favourite never wins – convenient much?). But with The Sense of an Ending, Barnes finally has the coveted prize.

See this link to buy the book (while stock lasts – the publisher is out of stock and furiously reprinting to meet the surge of Booker demand).

Here’s what the BBC had to say of the win, as well as The Guardian. There’s a wonderful interview with Barnes at the Paris Review, and, just to round it all out, here’s a neat little summary of Booker Prize Facts And Why You Should Care Who Wins by the Huffington Post.


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