Alexa Johnston Event – What’s for Pudding?

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The very method and means Alexa Johnston uses to compile her books on baking, not to mention her rambunctious personality, make her a fascinating person to listen to. Her new book – What’s for Pudding? – collects together dessert recipes enjoyed by generations of New Zealanders. Scattered through with the anecdotes and historical curiosities that surround the dishes and people of the plate, it is a warm, tempting and generous book.

Anyone in the area of Victoria University, come Tuesday the 30th of August, should try and get along to see Alexa in conversation with Roger Blackley. It’s a free, lunch-time session to celebrate the new book and talk about Kiwi food culture, the stories behind the recipes, and where the research of NZ delectables took Alexa. We were lucky enough to witness a previous event with Alexa, and are very much looking forward to this one.

Whats for Pudding? $50 - freight free within NZ, click the image to purchase.

What’s for Pudding? is a wonderful book, written by an intelligent and exuberant woman with a passion for baked goods that leaps of the page, making your stomach growl and teeth nervous.

The When: Tuesday 30th August, 1 – 2pm.

The Where: Alan McDiarmid Building, Room 104, Victoria University, Gate 6, Kelburn Parade.


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