Scrawl Poetry Highly Commended Selections

vicbooks’ Scrawl Poetry Competition on National Poetry Day

We had many entries of great quality, from amongst them our judge, Ingrid Horrocks, has selected those poems she believes deserve high commendation.

The list of highly commended poems are:

Evolution – Lauren Brazier

Lapin – Cara Chimirri

Practice – Hera Lindsay Bird

Test For Blindness – Micah Timona Ferris

Congratulations Micah, Cara, Lauren and, once again, Hera.


Evolution – by Lauren Brazier


You began
by unwrapping the day
and handing it to me.

I whispered in your ear
that I liked the way
the sunshine tasted

and sat on the ground
watching your words
stagger towards me,

your voice raw,
grazing the air.


Do you remember
that late August night?

Of course;

It was the colour
of indecision,
and regret.

We had our picture taken;

The fireworks
went bang,




Holding out my closed fist
I placed my heart
in the middle of the table

for you to inspect,
as you would a vase.

It sat there,


The curtains, holding
each other, tried to
preserve the warmth.

You said they looked
a little worn.

We left it at that.


Lapin – by Cara Chimirri


moon rises
crayon drawn pearl in wet dye sky.


crumpled seagull under bench green as the sea.
half remembered lines from The Albatross Poem.
scratches deep into flaking paint. feathers weeks old.

heartbeat slow. solitary.


under pillars of agapanthus in coffee ground earth.

soft fur. my fingers. the transience of our garden.
sharp green mixed with curling brown.

in long grass and wet leaves I found that Grief is thin.
blue shard of a blackbird’s shell.


Practice – by Hera Lindsay Bird

There was a time when you wanted to try again.
You said we would just have to practice love
as if it were something we could achieve through repetition.
We were in such a hurry to be alive.

We woke early and walked up the hill, past the boring sheep
to watch the boring geese flying.
Your white shoulders against the sky.

You seemed to lift it.


Test for Blindness – by Micah Timona Ferris

Human eyelids require adequate rest but the eyes
never rest and remain the only organs capable of full
function at any waking moment, with or without sleep.
Blind humans do dream.
Whether or not pictorially depends only on their history.
A human brain develops two days before a heartbeat can be heard.
The very first sense recorded in utero is the sensation that cheeks
and lips experience when they are touched
but the brain itself contains no pain receptors and as such, cannot feel.

You could say the heart works harder, its pendulum drum insistent, constant
but it is a most tender instrument. A strong emotion can trigger physical
changes in beat and can cause heartache.

But the brain or the heart are both blind without eyes. Aristotle himself believed
the heart ruled the head, but even he knew eyes are only receivers.
If I were a poet, I would ask you to follow me blindly and dare you a dream with your heart over head.


We want to thank Booksellers NZ  for their kind help in supporting this competition, and for their grand organising efforts for National Poetry Day.

and for their support of student writing.


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