The Wellington Book

An enthusiastic collaboration between four devoted Wellingtonians, this beautiful book captures the Wellington your camera can’t. 120 gloriously illustrated pages celebrate all things Wellington, from the pretty and picturesque to the weird and wacky. It is a visually diverting and secretly educational memento, a feast for your eyes that charts an imaginative record of one of NZ’s most memorable destinations.

The Wellington Book is a difficult beast to explain – a sort of illustrated meta-map (with accompanying words) to the places, ideas, history and soul of Wellington – the city and greater region. It captures the ephemeral things of the city which make the locals love it, something only made possible by the devotional work of the artists and writers of the book.  Colours and shapes leap off the pages, re-drawing the familiar and the iconic in such a way as to remind us of the beauty and culture of this fair weathered city, emphasising the artistically driven soul of the place.

One of the most striking qualities of The Wellington Book is how it captures the inclusive nature of the place – graphically presenting how the varied topography of Wellington causes the flow and accumulation of the businesses, endeavours, oddities and communities that nurture the hybrid creature of Wellington.

Here are some images:

Civic Square
Windy Wellington
The Bucket Fountain
Students Everywhere
Rugby 7s

A thought that has occurred, concerning a criticism often heard of Wellington fashion, is that the predominance of black and grey clothing amongst the autochthonal fashionistas isn’t an affliction of personal style, rather a collective response to the colour and vitality of the surrounding city; Wellingtonians complementing the hustling, bustling, visual and intellectual chromaticism of their environs.

The Wellington Book, much like the city itself, is a small but perfectly formed thing.

Unfortunately, this book has gone out of print and, for the foreseeable future, is unavailable.


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