Bloomsday – reprise

The physical and virtual world lit up for Bloomsday – tweets and Guinness and peripatetic homages flooded the day of those with a Joycean bent.

The twitter feed @11lysses creatively recast the novel in a series of tweets from contributors around the world, then followed it up with reflection on the project with @lysses2.

Many, many photos from the real show celebrations and rejoyce-ing  from around the globe: Bloomsday photos

An enjoyable consequence in following any pursuit is the tangental discovery of associated facts and acts. These are some of the discovered treats of Bloomsday 2011:

Ulysses as a free ebook.

The copyright on Ulysses expires next year, 1 January, 2012. Opening up the novel to all and sundry – while also creating new potential for future Bloomsdays.

A rap tribute to James Joyce:

Something I initially thought would be boring, but then it effortlessly sucked 45 mintes from my life. ‘A hypertextual, self-referential edition of
Ulysses by James Joyce’

At you can take your understanding and exploration of the novel to new geek-love depths.

Kate Bush wanted to use extracts of Ulysses for a song called ‘Flower of the Mountain’, 22 years ago, but was denied by the Joyce estate; she rewrote it as The Sensual World. Recently it was approved by the Joyce estate, prompting a revisitation by Bush.

Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath deliberately married on Bloomsday, 1956,  as a form of literary recognition.

See Ulysses transformed into a rich, beautifully crafted graphic novel at Unseen.

And just for a bit of balance, here’s a put-down on Ulysses by none other than Virginia Woolf: “[Ulysses is] the work of a queasy undergraduate scratching his pimples.”


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