Cool Bookshelves – Part II

Continuing our saunter through obsessive bookshelf designs we bring you part II of our image safari. We’ve done minimal sorting or ranking of the images, save for grouping our favourite few (no easy task) for the last post in this series.

If you want to look at Part I of our Cool Bookshelves series follow this link – also Part III and Part IV. And don’t forget to send through any excellent bookshelf images you’ve seen or made yourself.

Couch Reading Bookshelf
Grammar Shelf
Bookshelf Well
Prêt à Lire Bookshelf
Back to Your Roots Shelving
Novel Irony
Seat of Literacy
The Book Worm
Book Block (or Tetris Texts)
A Clatter of Less Clutter Bookshelf

See Part I, Part III and Part IV of the Cool Bookshelves series.


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