Cool Bookshelves – Part I

If there is a universal bond that links all bibliophiles, it’s the bookshelf. Useful, beautiful, intriguing and revealing, a bookshelf draws the eye and makes promises to those that look on them. They contain mysteries and plodding ennui, rapture and colour, they hold the tastes and proclivities of their owners on display for all to see – especially fascinating for those obsessed with reading into such things.

Things really become special when those that love books seek to design a container as compelling as the objects it contains. We’ve kept our eyes open at vicbooks for cool, sublime, ridiculous or ingenious images of beloved bookshelves. So we’ll share them over the next few weeks – enjoy!

The Full of Itself Shelf
The Never Let Me Go Bookshelf
The Precarious Bookshelf
The Polar Bear Shelf (or Knut's & Books)
The Chaos Method
Utilitarian Bookshelf (or the Architectural Digest)
The BiblioShelf
A Heartbreaking Work of Scattering Genre

Here are links to Part II, Part III and Part IV of the series.


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