Japanese Earthquake Charity eBook

On the 18th of March a blogger and tweeter in Japan started something quite remarkable. He wanted to generate some financial and moral aid for those devastated by the recent earthquake (see his original post here). The idea was to get written, photographic and artistic contributions from anyone affected by the quake, bind them up and sell the resulting book to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross. A small but incredibly worthy idea has evolved to a beautiful result.

Thanks to contributions from Japan and around the world, from people directly affected by the earthquake and ensuing tsunami, to local and international journalists and writers, including the famous writers William Gibson and Barry Eisler they have produced an eBook called, ‘2:46: Aftershocks – Stories from the Japan Earthquake‘. 100% of the price (us$9.99) goes to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aid the victims of the disaster.

It’s a beautiful and devastating book and a deeply admirable project – a testament to the speed and adaptability of social media – so please take a look and show it to your friends.

It is an eBook only available through Amazon (they’re working on a print book now, but it may take a little while) – but you don’t have to have a kindle to read it, there are links on the Amazon page, on the lower right, to free apps for various devices, from PCs to iPhones.

If you have the means this is a worthy and effective way to contribute. I’m getting over my anti-Amazon bias to buy a copy.

For the whole story visit the Quakebook blog.


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