Rush Prep, What to Know

vicbooks’ “Rush” period covers the first two weeks of the new trimester.  In its most basic terms, Rush is 10,000 transactions over 10 days (half of those in the first 3 days) by students chasing more than 22,000 textbooks and student notes.  As you can imagine, things can get a bit frantic.  In order to make it easier for everybody, here is the basic information you need to make your Rush experience run smoothly.

For Kelburn Courses:

All undergraduate textbooks and student notes are at the Pop-Up Shop located in the Atrium opposite the Hunter Lounge.  All post grad textbooks are at the Main Shop located on the top floor of the Student Union Building. Web order pick-ups for Kelburn can also be found there and you can bring in your old textbooks for textbook buybacks too.

For Pipitea Courses:

All textbooks and student notes used in courses that are taught on the Pipitea campus as well as all online orders where you have specified  “Pipitea pick-up” are at the Pipitea Shop located on the ground floor of Rutherford House on the Pipitea Campus (23 Lambton Quay, across Bunny Street from the Old Government Building).

General Tips:

For On-Line Orders:

On-line orders are processed by our warehouse staff in the order they are received.  This is the busiest time of the year for these staff members so orders may not be processed on the same day. If you have requested to pick up your order from one of the shops, please wait until you are notified that your order is ready before coming in. If you arrive in the shop the same day you have placed your order, chances are very good that we will not have it ready for you yet, especially if the stock has to be accumulated from more than one of our shops.

Check your Course Codes and Book Lists:

The more you know the better.  We will have lists of textbooks for each course on all of our stores’ notice boards but if you don’t know your Course Codes (the four letter subject abbreviation plus 3 digit number that designates each course for enrolment), we really can’t help you.  It may seem obvious, but bringing a copy of your course schedule with you is the best way to get things sorted.

Eftpos & Prices:

Please check your bank balance before you come in for your books. If your eftpos card is declined and you discover you can only afford two of the four books you need, you might find yourself disappointed when we won’t put the remaining books on hold for you.  This could be a problem if we sell out of the text before you can get back in to buy it.  This is a harsh rule but over the years it’s proven the best way to keep the most students happy.


Around midday is the worst time to come into the shop because it’s when most people turn up to buy their books.  As a consequence, the lines can be a bit shocking.  If you aim for early in the morning or later in the afternoon you will find it amazingly less crowded and, likewise, less stressful.  The first three days (Monday 28th, Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd) will be the craziest.

2ndHand Books:

We buy 2nd hand books back from students at both the main store (top floor, Student Union building, Kelburn Campus) and at the Pipitea shop (ground floor, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus) between 9.30am & 11.30am, then between 2.30pm & 4.30pm. See our list here. We never do buybacks at the Pop-Up Shop.  And definitely not during midday. Never ever.

And don’t forget: If you need a sugar high, there will be $1 lolly mixes at the tills.


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