Rush: A Textbook Mosh Pit

Rush is the first two weeks of a new trimester. In its most basic terms, Rush amounts to 10,000 transactions over 10 days involving 22,000 textbooks and roving packs of stressed-out students.  Frantic is just one F word used to describe it. Here are some tips to make your Rush experience easier.

General Tips:
At the Kelburn Campus? All under-grad textbooks & student notes are at the Pop-Up Shop – located in the Atrium opposite the Hunter Lounge, click on the map:

Click Me

The Pop Up Shop is open from on these dates, at these dates:

9th – 13th July, 9am to 5pm.
16th – 20th July, 8am to 6pm.
23rd – 26th July, 9am to 5pm.

Our last day will be Friday the 27th of July, from 9am to noon (after which normal service returns at the Kelburn campus shop).

All post-grad textbooks are at the Main Shop located on the top floor of the Student Union Building. Web order pick-ups for Kelburn, as well as textbook buy backs (see list) also happen there.

Down at Pipitea? All things Pipitea related are at our Pipitea store. It is a small but powerful store, much like Yoda.

Pop Up Shop at 12:37pm

Timing is everything… Visiting any of our shops around midday is like walking into a mosh pit, just without music, drink or drugs. Thus, not fun. Aim for early morning or later afternoon and you will find it remarkably less crowded.

On-line purchases are processed in the order they arrive by furiously efficient workers. If you have requested to pick up your order, please wait until you are notified it’s ready before coming in. Otherwise disappointment may ensue.

What course am I doing? Bring your course codes. Seriously. Our clairvoyant quit last year so we can only know what is knowable. We’ll have course lists of textbooks at each store but if you don’t know your Course Codes we may just stare at you blankly.

I’ll be back in a minute… Please check your bank balance before you come in to buy your books. If your eftpos card is declined we won’t put the books on hold for you. It’s harsh, we know, but over the years it’s proven the best way to keep most students happy.

2nd Hand Books We buy 2nd hand books back from students at both the main store (top floor, Student Union building, Kelburn Campus) and at the Pipitea store (ground floor, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus) between 9.30am & 11.30am, then between 2.30pm & 4.30pm. See our buyback list here. We never, ever, ever do buybacks at the Pop-Up Shop. The last day we accept buy backs is Friday the 20th of July.

If you’ve read this far then here’s a logistical treat: we put the latest 2nd Hand stock in the Pop Up Shop first thing in the morning and then around 3pm in the afternoon. So if you want those special deals, best to do your hunting around then.

Plus, as ever, there will be $1 lolly mixes everywhere.


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