New Development in The Case of the Missing Mystery (and Crime and Thriller) Novels

Another shelf-full of books have been stolen from vicbooks –this time from our little Pipitea store.

We have reason to believe that this crime was committed by the same person who took a number of books from our Kelburn store. A few clues have been left behind.

Have a read of the crime scene report below. If you think you know who it might be, fill out an entry form in-store or email your choice to

The report follows:

The Pipitea store supervisor arrived in-store this morning to find an entire shelving bay empty of books. It appears that 19 crime, thriller and mystery novels have been taken from the store. The area has been cordoned off while investigations are underway.

It is thought that the crime must have happened between 5.45 and 6.00pm on Monday evening (11/10/10), when the store closed. The Pipitea store supervisor recalls leaving at around quarter to six and was alphabetising books in the fiction section (where the books were taken from) up until then. Nothing was missing at the time she left the shop.

The area has been swept for DNA samples but the results of these will not be available for three to four weeks.

A 10-trip train ticket for the Taita to Upper Hutt section was found sticking out from the shelf above which the books were taken.

The suspects that were identified in relation to the Kelburn theft have been questioned.

Andrew Anvil claims that he was home at the flat studying for upcoming exams. Neither of his flatmates were home.

Bud Brandish was rostered on to work at the time the crime is believed to have been committed. Penny Peace, a work colleague with whom Bud was rostered on that night, has confirmed that Bud did not leave the library from 3.00pm until 8.00pm when his shift finished, other than to break at 6.30pm for half an hour.

Catherine Callous says she visited the store before catching her 5.55pm train. She acknowledges that the train ticket was probably hers as she couldn’t find her ticket when she got on the train (the kindly conductor let her on for free). She is adamant she did not remove the books and claims it would have been very difficult to have the books on the train unnoticed.

Diana Danger claims she was walking home down the Terrace around the time the books are thought to have been taken. She says she arrived home around 6.10pm.

Ellie Evil was at home talking to her Mother between 5.30 and 6.15pm. Her mother has made a statement to that effect.

The staff member who was working at the time the books were taken and who closed on Monday evening was in a university test this morning and has, so far, been unavailable for questioning.


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