Suspects announced in the case of the missing mystery (and crime and thriller) novels

The suspect list in the case of the missing mystery (and crime and thriller) novels has been released.

Have a read and see if you can figure out whodunnit…you can view photographs of the suspects in-store or on our Facebook page.

Enter in-store or email who you think did it to and go in the draw to win a criminally good prize pack containing some vicbooks vouchers and free coffee from our café.

There are five suspects. The report is reproduced below:

Suspect A

Andrew Anvil is a third-year arts student at Victoria University. He lives in a flat with two friends he has known since first year.

Andrew says he does not have time to read for pleasure on top of his course readings and, therefore, doesn’t buy books that aren’t prescribed for his course. He used to read a lot, but has recently sold many of his books to second-hand book stores around Wellington for some extra cash.

Andrew states that the crime scene was already taped off when he arrived at the coffee bar for his long black. A vegan, Andrew treated himself to a dark Chocolate bar on Monday morning as he had just handed in an assignment. The baristas have no recollection of having seen him earlier than he claims to have been in-store, but they were busy serving customers all morning so may have missed him.

He says he has a keepcup and that he tries to use it every day, but he left it behind in a lecture theatre last week.

Suspect B

Bud Brandish is a librarian in town. He stops by vicbooks Kelburn around 8am on his way to work every weekday to pick up a hot chocolate in his keepcup, a little tradition that kept his hands warm during winter but which he continues as the weather warms. On Monday morning, however, he was seen arriving at work without his keepcup. Bud says he dropped it off in the work kitchen for washing before anyone saw him.

He was in-store around the time that the crime was likely to have been committed, although he claims that he only browsed the new releases table as he was looking for Peter Temple’s new novel, Truth. He buys books infrequently (he is a keen foodie, which he has found is a rather expensive thing to be).

Suspect C

Catherine Callous works for a law firm on Lambton Quay. She took on a Kelburn-based client earlier in the year. Always keen for a good coffee, Catherine arranges for their client meetings to be at the coffee bar at vicbooks. Catherine always has a flat white and some millionaire slice (it gives her a good excuse to get out the office and spend some time looking at books).

They had arranged to meet at 8.15am on Monday morning, but the client called after Catherine had ordered to say she had to drop the children off this morning so wouldn’t be able to make it. Catherine says she browsed the books while she finished off her coffee and slice before leaving around 9am.

Catherine adores crime novels and thrillers and bought a crime novel while in-store on Monday from the same shelf from which the books in question were stolen.

Suspect D

Diana Danger is a student and tutor at the University. She tends to be one of the first customers at the Kelburn store in the mornings. She lives in Thorndon but spends most of her time on the Kelburn campus, either in her office or taking tutorials. She starts each day with a mocha from the coffee bar, which she admits she drinks while rifling through the crime section as she is a ‘crime fiction fiend’. Each time she hands in an assignment she treats herself to a new book, so likes to see what is available at vicbooks as she gets a student discount there.

She says she left around 8.20 as she had to get to a tutorial and she claims that there were no books missing at that stage. Students say Diana arrived a little late but excitedly told them she had run into her supervisor, Professor Peters, who had given her a whole pile of books for her research.

Suspect E

Ellie Evil is a policy analyst for a government department. She lives with her post-graduate student partner in Kelburn townhouse. They visit vicbooks Kelburn every weekday morning after a walk around the area.

Ellie seems to read across a variety of different genres and has read a bit of crime fiction. Her partner loves thrillers and classics.

She says that she and her partner finished their regular morning walk at vicbooks around 7.40am and sat at the communal table. As usual, Ellie had a flat white and her partner had a mocha. Ellie claims that after talking with the baristas for a bit they went home for breakfast before heading out to work. She states that neither she nor her partner went near the books while they were at the shop.


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