The case of the missing mystery (and crime and thriller) novels

Crime novels have been stolen from vicbooks Kelburn!

This morning (04/10/10), an entire shelf of crime, mystery and thriller novels were stolen from our Kelburn store.

Can you help us figure out whodunnit?

We have until the 22nd of October to solve this crime. We will update you on all new developments as they come to hand and give you the chance to have your say as  to whodunnit.

So, hunt around for your magnifying glass and have a go at solving the case of the missing mystery (and crime and thriller) novels.

The crime scene report, issued this morning, is reproduced below:

“A shelf of mystery, crime and thriller novels has been stolen from vicbooks Kelburn. In all, a total of 37 books were stolen with a retail value of over $1000.

The time period that we believe the crime was committed within is between 7.30am and 9am on Monday 4th October. The coffee bar at the Kelburn store opens at 7.30am every weekday and it wasn’t until a bookseller was shelving new releases on Monday morning around 9am that the empty shelf was discovered. Nothing was missing or appeared out of the ordinary on Friday evening at closing time and the building was securely locked over the weekend.

The area has been taped off and is currently being scoured for clues as to who could have committed such a crime.

So far, few clues, which might possibly point to a culprit, have been found.

The entire shelf of books was cleared out and a fingerprint sweep of the area proved fruitless.

It appears, however, that the thief did leave behind a potentially incriminating piece of evidence. A keepcup was left at the scene. It is a tonal grey cup and the band and plug are both red. A residue in the cup has been pronounced ‘chocolatey’.

Samples from the cup have been sent away for testing but we have been informed that DNA test results can’t be expected for another three weeks to a month, so we are going to do some investigating in the meantime.

Understandably, we want to identify the person who stole our books as soon as we can and we need your help.”


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