Free Domestic Freight on General Books

Free Domestic Freight. Free freight for any general book bought through our website. These are the key words of this whole spiel. The rest is detail and window dressing (however quippish and stylised).

We’ve been twiddling with our sales capabilities and website widgets and have sorted out all sorts cool things we can do. One of which, the one we think you may like, is getting rid of freight charges for online sales of General Books. To this end we’ve had our not-so-tame web-monkeys innovating away and stripping back code from the dense jungle of our website. The consequence is that any General Book, i.e. non-course related book, available on our website will ship anywhere in NZ free.

This is pretty cool, we think. Because we have some excellent books. Many of which, especially our permanently discounted VUP titles, are really well priced. Sign up for our newsletter to get our special offers and monthly updates.


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