eBooks on vicbooks (VUP & meBooks & stuff)

We, vicbooks, have started selling eBooks. VUP’s eBooks. And it really is just the beginning.

VUP stands for Victoria University Press.

VUP does not stand for Very Untoward Practices. But it could stand for Virtually Unparalleled Publications. Or we could just stick with Victoria University Press.

VUP is ahead of the NZ publishing curve, having started the conversion of their new releases and some of their backlist into eBooks. They have joined forces with meBooks, an excellent NZ eBook concern that wants to promote the conversion and sales of NZ content in the eBook market.

vicbooks is proud to be able to involve ourselves in promoting VUP titles in this format, and really grateful to meBooks for putting in huge amounts of work for it to be possible.

This is the thin edge of the wedge – soon other independent and spirited NZ publishers will be following suit, making available a wealth of NZ content to the emerging eBook market. As soon as the big publishers catch up with their more nimble colleagues NZ books will be well and truly shooting ahead into the technological future. To see the current VUP collection, plus a few free titles from such luminaries as Katherine Mansfield, Robin Hyde and John Mulgan, that are not only quite juicy, but will soon make you the envy of all your eFriends, just follow the link.

It’ll be just like Star Trek. Just with more comprehensive footnotes.

Just so we’re clear:


3 thoughts on “eBooks on vicbooks (VUP & meBooks & stuff)

  1. button says:

    This is great. I’ve downloaded a copy of ‘Man Alone’. Thank you!

    I’m still unsure if I’ll ever want to read an ebook over a hard copy for general reading but can see their value for study. I use ‘Man Alone’ in my thesis and have yet to buy a copy (although the Penguin Classics would be my first port of call!) so this opens up new potential for ebooks for me.

    I use ebooks for non-fiction works I can’t afford but have yet to use them for novels/poetry. I’d be more likely to purchase cheaper ebook versions of the mass of NZ poetry and prose fiction I’m citing so this is all very exciting!


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