Rush: Tips From the Veterans

After checking with the veterans of many a Rush, here are some tips for a better, cleaner and less clogged textbook buying experience:

Rush Map for vicbooks' Shops

Where?: All undergraduate textbooks are at the One Stop Shop. All post grad at the Main Shop. All online order pickups at Student Notes. Click on the map on the right for where these places are.

Check your Course Codes and Book Lists: It seems pretty obvious, but knowing what books you need and which courses you’re sitting is vital. We have lists on our notice board in all the stores but if you don’t know your Course Code, we really can’t help you.

Eftpos & Prices: Check your bank balance before you pick your books. If your eftpos card is declined and you discover you can only afford two of the four books you needed, you might find yourself disappointed when we won’t put the remaining books on hold for you. Which might be a problem if we sell out before you can get back to buy it. This is a harsh rule but over the years it’s proven the best way to keep the most students happy.

Timing: Around midday is the worst time to come into the shop. Everyone tries to buy their stuff then. If you aim for early in the morning or later in the afternoon it will be amazingly faster and less stressful. 10, 000 Students in just a few days. The queues alone can be murder. The first three days (Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th) are the craziest.

2ndHand Books:

  • We buy 2nd hand books back from students at the main store (top floor, Student Union building) between 9.30am & 11.30am, then between 2.30pm & 4.30pm. See our list here. We don’t buy them back at the One Stop Shop. At all. Only at the main store. And definitely not during midday. Never ever.
  • We take down the latest 2nd Hand stock we’ve bought to the Main Shop first thing at in the morning and then around 3pm in the afternoon. So if you want those special deals those are the better times to visit the One Stop Shop.

And don’t forget: If you need a sugar high, there will be $1 lolly mixes at the tills. Plus don’t forget that we’re running our Popular Penguin Promotion with Prizes and Stuff.


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