Rush: the beginnings…

We have no idea if other parts of Victoria University, or the English-speaking world, dub the opening couple of weeks of semesters with the moniker ‘Rush’ and, right now, we don’t care. No one on staff is sure of the origin of the term, our best guess is it being of American origin, but again, here, in the trenches, there’s not much caring going on. Not much at all. Because we’re quite focussed. The kind of focus people have when they suddenly spy an angry battalion of soldiers charging at them.

Right now, within the bookshop, it’s all about the many thousand students preparing to storm the walls of our store. Someone observed, moments ago, that the government usually provide riot police for this sort of thing. We’re going to have to make do with intravenous coffee.

Rush, in its most basic terms, is 10,000 transactions over 10 days (half of those in the first 3 days) by students chasing more than 22,000 textbooks and student notes (not to mention needing over 1,500 bic pens and other assorted stationery items).

That’s a lot of people needing a lot of things from just a few of us. Which is why we build a temporary store especially for the occasion.

So things can get quite tense around here at this time of year.

Despite all that, it’s actually quite a lot of fun. The sort of adrenaline fuelled fun you don’t want to have more than twice a year, but fun nonetheless.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be describing what’s going on at the store, the best ways to navigate it, and explanations for why we look so haggard towards the end of the second week. We may even beg for mercy but feel free to ignore that, we’re probably just teasing.

Unlike most other university pursuits there isn’t a test at the end of it (well, not one of ours at least), but there will be a few competitions and quizzes in the middle (for starters see our Popular Penguin Paperback Prize Pack Promotion). Prizes can be won, sympathy garnered and knowledge gained. Keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook page for details – we’ll be running separate quizzes pretty often through our Facebook page (and, of course, supplying all sorts of vital information everyone needs to lead a complete life. So don’t be shy, sign on up).

More to come…


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