Happenstance and Trends de Jour

74-year-old Joy Cassidy has been arrested in Boise, Idaho for pouring mayonnaise down the county library’s return slot. Police say she is under investigation for other condiment related crimes. Police have not disclosed a motive (one suspects the word ‘crazy’ will appear somewhere in there).

The Onion reckon that the next hot craze in fiction, after Vampires and Werewolves, is going to be our horned and malcontent friend, the Minotaur. In highschool. Brooding will feature.

Jack Kerouac’s last green typewriter went on auction. For a reserve price of $20,000, US. It’s green. And a typewriter. Geri Halliwell once touched my left hand – I’m accepting offers.

“Book Owners Have Smarter Kids”. One might notice that it says ‘Owners’ not ‘Readers’. So parents, buy more books (you don’t have to read them). We have lots of books you could buy. Lots and lots at totally reasonable prices. Think of the children…

John Waters is a very clever man. And still resplendently filthy.

And Christopher Hitchens, as very, very smart and very, very relevant as he is, remains somewhat arrogant and, according to some, which we at vicbooks neither agree nor disagree with in a way that might be construed as ‘official’, not terribly popular as a person.

And did I mention the 74 year mayonnaise bandit? Called Joy? With the mayonnaise?


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