NZ Book Council Wins Moby Award for ‘Going West’

The NZ Book Council’s short animation for Maurice Gee’s novel Going West has won the Moby Award for Best Big Budget/Big House book trailer. The Moby Award is almost as new as the ‘book trailer’ itself, so this first foray into recognising worth and quality in the medium is a form of mutual reification that leaves me scraping dubiousness of my boots before walking into a bookstore but, regardless, I can’t help but feel a flush of pride in seeing Going West and the NZ Book Council receive recognition and praise for the truly wonderful job they did in producing the animation; it is disarming, beautiful and accomplished. See Going West here and the rest of the Moby winners here.


One thought on “NZ Book Council Wins Moby Award for ‘Going West’

  1. Lisa says:

    I go between ‘a short for a book… really? i mean, really?’ and ‘oh my that’s a pretty video’. My hastily drawn conclusion is that book trailers are generally going to go a bad way but this one is oh so pretty. The book itself, meh.


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