Men Don’t Read

Apparently, within the publishing industry at large, there is a maxim that stomps around deeply affecting the books produced: ‘Men don’t read’. The maxim brings forth various theories and complaints (from both sides of the gender divide) in support or in damnation (even as karmic comeuppance), but on the road to ultimate truth the earnest exposition of all parties has led to some fascinating articles. The latest bout was kicked off by Jason Pinter at the Huffington Post which, in turn, drew an excellent response from Laura Miller at There are a couple of interesting and, I hope, ironic blogs about the subject, one from the Open Page blog and another from Stephen King himself. There’s not much mention of the middle ground, the verdant plains producing books both men & women want to read but, really, who cares when you can use Jodi Picoult or Lee Child as an exemplar of all publishing and marketing, that’s where the fun is.


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