Books on Screen

Film trailers for books are currently proving quite popular with the publishing world. Personally, I don’t see the point. I imagine a lot of people view them for pure comedic value, curiosity over how something they’ve read is represented, or checking out a book they were going to read anyway (a bad trailer of which could potentially put them off buying it). I’m probably just revealing how stuck I am in the quagmire of my own textual generation but I fail to see why a trailer would convince someone to buy a book.

Regardless of my quibbling fancies, large amounts of time and energy went into producing these trailers (some with dubious outcomes but others with quite ingenious and hilarious results). Accordingly an award ceremony has blossomed to commend and damn these productions: The Moby Awards (possibly a literary dig at such pursuits?). Despite myself I spent a fair amount of time looking and enjoying a lot of these but I swear to Jebus that I was going to buy Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon anyway.


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